Where is SLSBC?

Hello SLSBC Members!

I am sure all of you have noticed the lack of activities within the club this past summer, at least I hope you did! It has been a tough year as the club executive was quite busy doing their day jobs which unfortunately did not allow us the time to put together the club activities.

The club is a volunteer organization that is built on the strength of our members and the love we have for the lake and water sports. The love has not died, we want the club to continue with the great events and the ability to meet other likeminded individuals and families on the lake. With that in mind, we have gone around the lake asking for other people to help out and continue to run SLSBC and make it even better! I am happy to say that we have found some great people to continue running the club, but we still need more volunteers, many hands make light work!

I would like to thank the current executive for the many years of great work and countless hours of organizing the club to make it one of the best clubs in BC. Thanks to the following members, we appreciate all that you have done for the club:

    Craig Campbell – Treasurer
    Gord Cameron- Tournament Director
    Andrew Ames – Director of Technology
    Tessa Campbell – Director of Clinics
    Karen Dye – Director of Communication
    Brian Welch – Course and Dock management
    Trina Campbell – Director of Clothing and Swag

Thanks to all of you, you have done an amazing job! The good news is that Trina, Andrew, Gord, Brian, and Tessa will continue on with the new executive as they transition with the new team.

I would now like to welcome the new executive, we appreciate you volunteering to help run the club. All of the new positions have not yet been formed but we wanted to get this information out so all the members are ready for next season and that others may volunteer to help out. The executive for next year will be as follows:

    Andrew Ames – President
    Tessa Campbell – Director of Clinics
    Brian Welch – Course and Dock management
    Trina Campbell – Director of Clothing and Swag
    Gord Cameron – Tournament Director
    Ken Johnston – Past President
    Genevieve Hassan
    Nicki Boyd
    Barry Krangle

Please contact us here if you would like to help out.

The club could not have grown to the size that it has without the amazing members, so keep on volunteering your time, boat, cabin, anything to help grow the love of the club!

I want to thank all the members for allowing me to be the president for the past numbers of years, it has been a lot of fun and has allowed myself and my family to meet the many amazing people on the lake. We truly have an incredible lake community, we are a very lucky group. Enjoy the club, participate, volunteer and continue your love of watersports…….see you on the lake!


Ken Johnston
Past President