Happy Victoria Day Weekend!

It’s the unofficial start of the summer. I know many of you will be enjoying this weekend at the lake and are looking forward to the months ahead. Here’s a quick update of some summer events to put in your calendar and where things are at with the SLSBC. The newsletter will be posted in June.

New SLSBC President and Treasurer!

The SLSBC has a new president! Geoff Bell has graciously stepped up to fill this position. Steve Vertes has also generously offered to take on the role of SLSBC Treasurer. Many of you already know Geoff and Steve and if you don’t, you will surely get to know this summer. We are so excited to have them fill these roles and they will definitely do a super job of handling club activities moving forward. Bev McGurk is stepping down as both co-President and Treasurer. She has done a fabulous job in her role over the last few years and will be helping with the transition. Niki Boyd will continue heading club communications but will no longer be co-president.

Annual General Meeting

The AGM will be held over zoom this year. The date for the meeting will be the evening of Mon, June 3rd. More details will follow. This will be an important meeting to attend as we will be voting on changes in exec and future direction of the club.

Summer Social

The summer social will be held on July 6th. Details will follow but plan for a mid afternoon event. As the AGM will be virtual this year, the summer social will be an opportunity discuss club events for the summer and future plans in person.

Summer Concert

This is the event of the summer. The Marwills will be returning to Sakinaw Lake on July 27!


The SLSBC Annual Tournament will be on Aug 17th.

Waterski Camps

There are no clinics currently planned for Sakinaw Lake this summer. However, with a full SLSBC membership, you can participate in other waterski camps held through Waterski Wakeboard BC. The Vancouver Waterski Club is running a kids camp for ages 6-14 in Deep Cove between July 2-5 (8:30 am – 4:30 pm) with transport provided daily to the from. If you are interested in this camp, send an email to info@slsbc.ca and I can send you more information. The poster for this camp is below.

Thanks and have a great long weekend!

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Memories of Summer….

Sorry for the delay in posting this! Here is a recap of this year’s tournament. A huge thank-you to Gord Cameron for organizing the tournament thus year and every year, Trina Campbell for getting us T-shirts, and Garth and Cara for taking photos!

Waterski Competition

U16 Girls (3/4 course): 2nd place to Avrie Martin (15 off, 6 @ 30mph, 1 at 32mph), 1st place to Ruby Boyd (28 off, 6 @ 30mph).

U16 Boys (3/4 course): Tied for 3rd place: Oliver Mitchell, Theo Mitchell, Myles McInnes. 2nd place to Kieran Boyd (15 off, 2@32 mph). 1st place to Cole Harris (28 off, 6 @ 34mph).

U16 Boys (full course): First place: Jack Harris (15 off, 6@32 mph, 2@34 mph).

Jack Harris skiing the course

Women’s Open: First place: Niki Boyd.

Men’s Open (3/4 course): 2nd place: John Boyd. 1st place: Larry Van Hatten (22 off, 6@32 mph).

Men’s Open (full course): Tied for third place: Garth Johnson and Mark Aplas. 2nd place: Chris Saunders (15 off, 2@32mph). 1st place: Gord Cameron (15 off, 4@34mph).

Awards for crashes: Mark Aplas and Avrie Martin

We had a total of 17 skiers this year (10 under 16, 7 adults). A massive thank-you to our amazing driver, Ryan McNeill and generous use of boat from Cindy Dekker. Thank-you to our pick up drivers, Gregg Halloway and Eric Martin. And our formidable and always fair judge, Barry Krangle.

Surf Competition

U16 Girls: 3rd place: Ruby Boyd. 2nd place: Chloe Veryes and Mila Malinousky. 1st place: Sutton van Dyk.

U16 Boys: Sorry – details are missing! But below is a pic of the winners!

Women: 3rd place: Carly McGurk and Caitlin Dunne. 2nd place: Coral Newell. 1st place: Jesse Newell.

Men: 3rd place: Pete Newell. 2nd place: Steve Vertes. 1st place: Geoff Bell.

Thank-you to Geoff Bell for being the driver and lending his boat, Mark Aplas for judging, and Ted McGurk for driving the pickup boat!

Thanks also to Val and Harry Dion for barbecuing, the Camerons for getting the food, Ken Johnston, Gord Cameron, and Barry Krangle for acting as masters of ceremony, and also to Kits Beach Beer and Oat of the Ordinary for providing beer and oats on tournament day! Here are some of the great pics from Gord and Cara!

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Merchandise Update

Many of you have already picked up your SLSBC hoodies, long-sleeve T-shirts, LED beanies, terrycloth ponchos, and beeswax foodwraps. The adult hoodies are made by Champion and the premium ponchos are perfect for after skiing or surfing – super plush and absorbent.

If you are interested in buying SLSBC merchandise, purchases can be made online using the SWAG tab from the home page. Payments can be made online using credit card or e-transfer. Our preference is e-transfer if possible. You can shop in person for items or pick up already purchased items at the lake this coming weekend and labour day weekend. They will be at the Boyd cabin this weekend – the blue cabin in Ruggles across from the ski dock – after 6 pm on Friday or Saturday. On Labour Day weekend, they can be picked up from the Campbell cabin in Bear Bay (TEXT Trina Campbell at 604-551-2073). E-mail info@slsbc.ca if you have questions about merchandise or pickup.

Thanks to everyone who came out for Saturday’s tournament and a huge thank-you to all our volunteers and Gord Cameron for making the day happen. A full tournament summary will be posted soon!

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Tournament and SWAG!

Tournament day tomorrow! Gord Cameron has worked extra hard to make the tournament fantastic. Skiing will start at 7 am, wakeboarding and surfing will start at 10:30. The BBQ and awards ceremony will start at 12:30 pm. Remember that you must have purchased a full membership and have adult waivers or family waivers signed and emailed to info@slsbc.ca or brought to the tournament if you want to compete.

And SLSBC merchandise will be available to purchase! A massive thank you to Trina Campbell for bringing this to the lake! Sales can be made online at the SWAG link. There are fabulous hoodies, long sleeve Ts, LED beanies, beeswax food wraps, and surf ponchos for sale. Items can be picked up from the Campbell cabin in Bear Bay (past the power lines before the island on the left side – look for the Campbell Soup Can hottub!) starting this Sunday at 10:30 am. We will try and have items available over the next two weekends as well and will update you on details for pick up.

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Annual Tournament: Aug 19th!

The SLSBC annual ski tournament is just two days away! Saturday, August 19th is the day! This event is truly meant for all levels – all ages and all abilities are encouraged to participate! This fun, community event runs from the waterski dock in Ruggles Bay and is a great way to meet folks around the lake.

Note: To participate in the any of the water events, you must purchase a full family or full single membership to the club and sign the waiver. Waivers can be completed and emailed to info@slsbc.ca or brought to the tournament. No pre-registration is needed – just show up!

Oat of the Ordinary will be handing out their high protein, low sugar oatmeal for those participating and attending this year’s competition on Saturday! Come by for some delicious nourishing samples + bags available to take home as well!

Tournament Q and A were posted a few years back – check here if you want more information. Here’s how it’s going to work:

Waterskiing: 7 am start, but show up anytime before 9 am. Skiers will go in the order that they arrive and will choose their start speed and rope length. Skiers must complete a full pass to get credit for all slower speeds / longer rope lengths. If they fall or miss a ball on the first pass they get a “rerun”. If there are enough beginner skiers, we will also run “wakecrossing” where skiers don’t have to go around balls, but are judged on the number of times they cross the wake over the length of the course.

Surfing: As soon as the skiers are done, we will start surfing. Start time for surfing will depend on how many skiers we have – typically, it will be around 10:00 or 11:00 am. Surfers get one full length of the course (green balls to green balls) to surf. You may choose to surf with or without the rope, however surfers that decide to keep rope will automatically be graded lower than ones actually surfing, regardless of tricks. You are allowed one fall. Surfing are judged based on 3 categories: Intensity, Style, and Execution.

Wakeboarding? In the past few years, there hasn’t been much interest in wakeboarding. We will decide on the tournament day whether we will run this or not, depending on interest. If it runs, wakeboarding will happen between skiing and surfing.

BBQ: The BBQ will follow immediately after surfing. 1 pm approximate start time. Please purchase a social membership if you plan on attending the tournament and/or BBQ but don’t want to compete.

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Norwegian Blues This Weekend!

This past weekend’s concert – SLSBC Floating Concert #3 – was a wonderful evening. Thank you everyone for coming out and thank you generous donors for making it happen.  A huge shout out to Gord Cameron, Ken Johnson and Ryan McNeil for transporting the band, helping set up,  tear down and even tuning up the dock with a few repairs before the concert. A memorable evening for sure.

See you out there again this Saturday, Aug 5th with Norwegian Blues brought to us by Mark Aplas. The show time is 6:30 pm. Despite the name (which comes from a Monty Python skit), the band is neither a blues band nor Norwegian. But you can expect a variety of music ranging from oldies to current popular songs, the spectrum from Elton John to Chris Stapleton.

If you have enjoyed these concerts, and haven’t already donated, please consider doing so here. You don’t have to have an SLSBC membership to enjoy the concert or to donate! Thanks to all of you who have already donated to the concert. And a big thank you to the folks who spent their time doing the huge job of fixing up the ski dock – Steve Mulherin, John Flintoft, Doug Bell, Harry Grimm and Bob Burlin. Thank-you!

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Sakinaw Lake Concert This Weekend! And Next Weekend Too!

It’s the event that everyone has been waiting for – Sakinaw Lake Summer Concert. This Saturday, July 29th, The Marwills will be playing on the SLSBC ski dock starting at 6:30 pm. This is a great band, originally from the Sunshine Coast, now based in Toronto, and brought to us at Sakinaw Lake by Barry Krangle. This will be the third annual concert on the lake and with a new band, it’s sure to be a fantastic time. You can enjoy the concert from your boat – make sure to come in close to the ski dock so you can really feel the music!

To make the concert experience even better, you can order Kits Beach Beer right to the lake! Kits Beach Beer is having beer presales for this weekend’s concert. Beer can be purchased online at https://www.kitsbeachbeer.com/shop before July 27th. At checkout enter KITSDELIVERY when prompted to enter a promo code.  Disregard the minimum beer order. Order full cases and share with your buds to get 10% discount on your beer. Beer will be delivered to the lake on July 28 & 29th. and Kits Beach Beer will donate $2 from every sale to the cost of hosting the concert. To pick up your beer, come by Andrew Lavigne’s dock dock anytime on the 28th before the concert. His cabin is past the power lines and Bear Bay on the road access side of the lake. You can text Andrew to arrange pickup at 604 202 2407.

This summer, we are having a second concert as well – next Saturday, Aug 5th. Mark Aplas us bringing us Norwegian Blues and they will be at the ski dock starting at 6:30 on Aug 5th.

As always, these concerts are supported through donations – if you haven’t already donated, please consider doing so here. You don’t have to have an SLSBC membership to enjoy the concert or to donate! Thanks to all of you who have already donated to the concert.

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Waterski Camp, Concerts and Beer!

WATERSKI CAMP: It’s a busy summer! We hope that lots of people had a chance to enjoy the summer social at the Van Hatten cabin and try out some of the Boardroom gear during the demo weekend. And this weekend will be the WSWBC waterski camp! The camp will be running on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (July 21-23) from 8 am until mid afternoon each day from the waterski dock and through the waterski course. We are very excited to be hosting Chris Horwood as instructor and running a camp format for kids. If you are around the ski dock, come by and say hi!

SUMMER CONCERTS: Next weekend on July 29th is the floating summer concert. This year, Barry Krangle has arranged to have a The Marwills play at Sakinaw Lake. This is always such a fun event and we invite everyone on the lake to pull up their boats to come and listen starting at 6:30 pm. Thanks to all of you who have already donated to the concert – we have already had about half a dozen families show their support for this event with donations. If you enjoy the concert, please consider donating in support here. James Malinousky has generously offered to match donations this year, so anything you donate will be doubled in value. Thank you James! We also hope to have a second concert on Aug 5th on the ski dock at 6:30. Mark Aplas has arranged for Norwegian Wood to come and play so if you are around, be sure to check them out.

KITS BEACH BEER: By now, everyone on Sakinaw Lake should be familiar with Kits Beach Beer. Andrew Lavigne has generously provided his beer to all social events since the company started in 2021. This beer has always been great and this summer, they have some fabulous new flavour available. Now you can show your support because Kits Beach Beer is having beer presales for the concert on the lake! Reach for the Beach! You can grab your Kits Beach beer in time for the 3rd annual floating dock concert at the ski dock July 29th! Beer can be purchased online at https://www.kitsbeachbeer.com/shop to have your beer be delivered right to the lake on July 28 & 29th.  Kits Beach Beer will donate $2 from every sale to the cost of hosting the concert! Order before July 27th. At checkout when prompted to enter a promo code enter KITSDELIVERY …this eliminates the delivery charge. Disregard the minimum beer order. Andrew will still bring you beer even if you just want a 6er! Tip: Order full cases and share with your buds to get 10% discount on your beer. To pick up your beer. come by Andrew’s dock dock anytime on the 28th before the concert. His cabin is past the power lines and Bear Bay on the road access side of the lake (see blue marker on the map above). You can text Andrew to arrange pickup at 604 202 2407.

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Big Weekend!

A quick reminder that this weekend will be both the summer social and the Boardroom Demo Weekend. Details are in the previous post here.

The social will be on Saturday, July 8th at the Van Hatten Cabin just south of the boat launch if you ‘re coming by boat. Their cabin can also be accessed by road at 14837 Sunshine Coast Highway – it is the first driveway after leaving Sakinaw Lake Road . The social will start at 2 pm. Bring an appetizer to share. Thanks to the Van Hatten’s for hosting and to Andrew Lavigne for providing Kits Beach Beer.

The Boardroom demo will be happening on Saturday, July 8th from 9am-6pm on Brian Welch’s dock and on Sunday, July 9th from 9am-3pm on the SLSBC waterski dock. Brian’s dock is next to the Van Hatten cabin so you can go to both the social and the demo easily. If you want to check out the demo, don’t forget to fill out the survey here.

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Summer Social and Ski Demo

July 8th Summer Social: It’s summer! The SLSBC will be having their summer social on July 8th at 2 pm. Thanks to Bev and Larry Van Hatten for offering to host.  The Van Hatten cabin can be accessed by boat or road and is located south of the boat launch. If driving, the address is 14837 Sunshine Coast Highway and it is the first driveway after leaving Sakinaw Lake Road – follow signs to Van Hatten. If you are coming by boat, be mindful of limited boat parking. A huge thanks to Andrew Lavigne and Kits Beach Beer for providing some of the beverages for the social. This is a potluck event so bring an appetizer or similar to share.

July 8th-9th Boardroom Demo Weekend: Murray and Max Fraser from The Boardroom are coming to Sakinaw Lake for a demo weekend. This is a great chance to try out a waterski, a foil, or a wakeboard. The Frasers will bring a variety of gear to try, but it would be great if we could help them out by letting them know what are sport is and what gear we’re interested in trying. Fill out the survey here to get the most out of the demo weekend.

They will be set up at Brian Welch’s dock (next to the Van Hatten’s) on Saturday, July 8th from 9am – 6pm. You can stop by Brian’s dock on your way to or from the social on the Saturday or even pop over during the social. Brian’s cabin can be accessed by boat or road: the address is 14865 Sunshine Coast Highway. The road is the first road south of the Sakinaw Lake Road and it is well marked with names. On Sunday, July 9th, the Boardroom demo will be setup on the waterski dock.

To see locations for the Social and Demo in google maps, click this link.

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