It’s Summer!

It seems like the weather is finally warming up and the lake is beckoning. We are in week #2 of our Photo Contest – keep those pictures coming! And Barry Krangle has set up a spike ball net on the ski dock for everyone to enjoy.

Spike Ball Champs! Undefeated lake spike ball champs Patti Zee and Mario Cee ready to take on all challengers. Spike ball court is set up on the ski dock , ready for anyone who wants to play.

With more people in the water, it’s important for everyone to be safe. Tessa Campbell and Brian Welch have been doing a great job of maintaining the courses. If you happen to notice problems with the course, email us at

If you’re towing a waterskier, wakeboarder, or tuber, make sure that there is a spotter in the boat and the person being towed is familiar with hand signals to request speeding up, slowing down, cutting the motor, heading home, stopping, and signalling that they are okay.

Here’s what Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada have to say about how to pick up a fallen waterskier:

And here’s what Boat U.S. has to say about boat driving etiquette:

Hope everyone’s summer is off to a great start!