Horwood Clinic – Update

There will be a change up for instruction for the Aug 6/7 waterski clinic (with wake and surf options). Chris and John Horwood will be competing at the Nationals that weekend, so instead the clinics will be taught by their parents, Dick and Tina Horwood.

This is an absolutely amazing opprotunity for anyone looking to improve their abilities. Dick Horwood is a seasoned waterski coach, with years of teaching experience. Tina and Dick are both expert skiers and anyone taking these clinics is sure to come away with great tricks and tips.

The cost and times will remain the same: $100 for two 20 minute ski sessions. Ski sessions will run both Sat and Sun morning between 6:00 am -10:40 am and Sat afternoon 4:40 pm – 9:20 pm. Boats and drivers will be provided for waterski sessions. Register for waterski clinics here.

If you are looking to improve your wakeboarding or surfing, sign up in groups of 2 or more. Sessions will be $45 per person per 20 minute sessions and will run 1:30 pm -3:30 pm Sat and Sun. For wakeboarding and wakesurfing, you will need to provide your own boat and driver. Register for wakeboard or surf clinics here.

You must have a full membership to the SLSBC to participate in clinics. Clinics will require a minimum number of registrations to run.