WSWBC Camp and Membership Fees – Changes


To make it easier to attend the WSWBC camp, we are offering a modified schedule for participants. Since hanging out on the dock all day might be too much, we are reducing the amount of time each skier is at the dock. Instead of being there for full days, participants will be broken into two groups of 3-4 skiers, and will ski either in the morning OR afternoon only (approximately 8am – 11:00 am OR 11:00 am-2:00 pm).  Of course, there can be flexibility with some arriving a little later and leaving earlier.  The goal is to have minimal down time with the coach never having to wait for kids to arrive.  We hope that this makes it easier for people to attend these sessions.

Skiers who sign up will still get three sets of skiing or trick skiing each day for three days. One set of waterskiing is about six passes on the slalom course, or 15-20 minutes of trick skiing. The skiers will do their sets in sequence: if there are three participants, the first skier will complete their first set and then rest for approximately 30-40 minutes while the second and third skiers do their first sets. While resting, skiers can hang out with other participants on the dock or in the water (swimming, paddleboarding, kayaking etc.), play games, have a snack, or ride in the boat to watch other skiers. This gives the kids a chance to get to know each other and bond. Kids who sign up for the camp can also bring friends to keep them company on the dock (but not participate in the camp). After the first set, skiers will move into second and third sets.

The camp costs $100 per day ($300 total) and can open the door to competitions such as the BC Summer Games (held in Maple Ridge in 2024) and the Provincials (held in Kamloops this summer). If you are interested in registering, email or call Crystal at 250-462-1428. Registration deadline is June 12 and the camp requires a minimum of eight participants to run. Full camp information is available here.

Membership Fees

SLSBC has raised membership fees this year to cover increased costs. We have raised prices by $10-$25 per year, depending on membership category. Please purchase your memberships here. Full members (family $170 or single $90) can participate in all SLSBC events, including the tournament and clinics and receive membership to WSWBC which includes reduced boat insurance rates. Social members can participate in all social activities and can attend the tournament, but cannot compete. This summer, we will have our summer social on July 8th and the outdoor concert on July 29th. We will also have a second concert on Aug 5th – details to follow! If you enjoy these concerts, we would love to have your support so please donate! If you haven’t checked out the SLSBC newsletter, you can find it here.