Tournament Rules

Just a few days left until our annual tournament this Saturday, August 20 (Sunday if it is raining Saturday). I hope everyone is getting excited. This is a very fun event and is really meant for all levels. Don’t hesitate if you thinking of participating- you won’t regret it. And it’s also a great day for people to come together and watch all the water events. Events will run one after the other so wakeboarding and surfing may happen earlier or later than planned dependIng on participation. Participants must have a full membership and those coming for the BBQ starting at 2 pm should purchase a social membership.

Here are the tournament rules:

Waterskiing: 7 am start but show up anytime before 9 am

Skiers may choose to start at any speed / rope length, however must complete a full pass to get credit for all slower speeds / longer rope lengths. If they fall or miss a ball on the first pass they get a “rerun”. 
3/4 course competitors that make all 6 balls at top speed (34 MPH) this year must compete in the full course next year! No short-lining.

Wakeboarding – 11 am start

Wakeboarders get to complete two passes of the course (green balls to green balls). You are allowed one fall, after the second fall you no longer qualify for additional points. 

Surfing – noon start

Surfers get one full length of the course (green balls to green balls) to surf. You may choose to surf with or without the rope, however surfers that decide to keep rope will automatically be graded lower than ones actually surfing, regardless of tricks. You are allowed one fall.

Wakeboarding and Surfing are judged based on 3 categories: Intensity, Style, and Execution.