Tournament and SWAG!

Tournament day tomorrow! Gord Cameron has worked extra hard to make the tournament fantastic. Skiing will start at 7 am, wakeboarding and surfing will start at 10:30. The BBQ and awards ceremony will start at 12:30 pm. Remember that you must have purchased a full membership and have adult waivers or family waivers signed and emailed to or brought to the tournament if you want to compete.

And SLSBC merchandise will be available to purchase! A massive thank you to Trina Campbell for bringing this to the lake! Sales can be made online at the SWAG link. There are fabulous hoodies, long sleeve Ts, LED beanies, beeswax food wraps, and surf ponchos for sale. Items can be picked up from the Campbell cabin in Bear Bay (past the power lines before the island on the left side – look for the Campbell Soup Can hottub!) starting this Sunday at 10:30 am. We will try and have items available over the next two weekends as well and will update you on details for pick up.

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Annual Tournament: Aug 19th!

The SLSBC annual ski tournament is just two days away! Saturday, August 19th is the day! This event is truly meant for all levels – all ages and all abilities are encouraged to participate! This fun, community event runs from the waterski dock in Ruggles Bay and is a great way to meet folks around the lake.

Note: To participate in the any of the water events, you must purchase a full family or full single membership to the club and sign the waiver. Waivers can be completed and emailed to or brought to the tournament. No pre-registration is needed – just show up!

Oat of the Ordinary will be handing out their high protein, low sugar oatmeal for those participating and attending this year’s competition on Saturday! Come by for some delicious nourishing samples + bags available to take home as well!

Tournament Q and A were posted a few years back – check here if you want more information. Here’s how it’s going to work:

Waterskiing: 7 am start, but show up anytime before 9 am. Skiers will go in the order that they arrive and will choose their start speed and rope length. Skiers must complete a full pass to get credit for all slower speeds / longer rope lengths. If they fall or miss a ball on the first pass they get a “rerun”. If there are enough beginner skiers, we will also run “wakecrossing” where skiers don’t have to go around balls, but are judged on the number of times they cross the wake over the length of the course.

Surfing: As soon as the skiers are done, we will start surfing. Start time for surfing will depend on how many skiers we have – typically, it will be around 10:00 or 11:00 am. Surfers get one full length of the course (green balls to green balls) to surf. You may choose to surf with or without the rope, however surfers that decide to keep rope will automatically be graded lower than ones actually surfing, regardless of tricks. You are allowed one fall. Surfing are judged based on 3 categories: Intensity, Style, and Execution.

Wakeboarding? In the past few years, there hasn’t been much interest in wakeboarding. We will decide on the tournament day whether we will run this or not, depending on interest. If it runs, wakeboarding will happen between skiing and surfing.

BBQ: The BBQ will follow immediately after surfing. 1 pm approximate start time. Please purchase a social membership if you plan on attending the tournament and/or BBQ but don’t want to compete.

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Tournament Rules

Just a few days left until our annual tournament this Saturday, August 20 (Sunday if it is raining Saturday). I hope everyone is getting excited. This is a very fun event and is really meant for all levels. Don’t hesitate if you thinking of participating- you won’t regret it. And it’s also a great day for people to come together and watch all the water events. Events will run one after the other so wakeboarding and surfing may happen earlier or later than planned dependIng on participation. Participants must have a full membership and those coming for the BBQ starting at 2 pm should purchase a social membership.

Here are the tournament rules:

Waterskiing: 7 am start but show up anytime before 9 am

Skiers may choose to start at any speed / rope length, however must complete a full pass to get credit for all slower speeds / longer rope lengths. If they fall or miss a ball on the first pass they get a “rerun”. 
3/4 course competitors that make all 6 balls at top speed (34 MPH) this year must compete in the full course next year! No short-lining.

Wakeboarding – 11 am start

Wakeboarders get to complete two passes of the course (green balls to green balls). You are allowed one fall, after the second fall you no longer qualify for additional points. 

Surfing – noon start

Surfers get one full length of the course (green balls to green balls) to surf. You may choose to surf with or without the rope, however surfers that decide to keep rope will automatically be graded lower than ones actually surfing, regardless of tricks. You are allowed one fall.

Wakeboarding and Surfing are judged based on 3 categories: Intensity, Style, and Execution.

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Get ready for the SLSBC tournament!

The SLSBC tournament is happening this Saturday! People on the lake have been practicing their turns and tricks, and it is almost time for the competition. The tournament will start with waterskiing at 7 am which will run until around 11/12. Skiers should plan to arrive anytime between 7 am and 9am (first come first skis!), and we will run beginner skiers at the end. Wakeboarding and surfing will start around 11 am and noon, respectively. Come early for either of these two if you are competing! The BBQ will start on the waterski dock at 2 pm. No need to pre-register – just show up and be ready to go! More details will follow soon.

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2021 Tournament Results

We were able to hold our SLSBC tournament on Aug 28th and what a great day it was. The weather was warm and the water stayed calm for most of the morning. And we were so pleased with how many people volunteered, participated in events, and attended the BBQ on the dock. This is an event that we have missed and it was wonderful to have our community come together at the end of the summer to celebrate!

There were so many people who generously volunteered their time on the tournament day. Without them, we never would have been able to pull off such a successful event. Thanks to all of our volunteers and a huge thanks to our Tournament Director, Gord Cameron!


Boats and Drivers: These people donated hours of their time, their boats and gas to make this tournament happen. A huge thanks to Ryan MacNeil (waterski driver), Randy and Sheila Johnson (waterski boat), Ted McGurk (wakeboard boat and driver), and Steve Vertes (surf boat and driver).

Dock Starters: These are the people who kept us organized on tournament day. Thanks to Bev Muench (waterski), Kevin Harris (wakeboard), and Mike Van Dyk (surf).

Judges: Thanks to these two who kept us all competitive! Barry Krangle (waterski) and Tessa Campbell (wakeboard and surf).

Spotters and Pick-Up Boats: Thanks to all of these people who made sure we were safe. Greg Halloway and Tana Bullock, Trish McIver, John Boyd, Todd Mitchell, and Deb and Harry Grimm.

T-shirts, Photos, BBQ, and Sponsors: Not only did Trina Campbell make sure we all had T-shirts for the tournament, she hand-dyed each and every one! Garth and Cara Johnson spent the entire day taking photos of the event, which will soon be posted on our Facebook page. Greig and Dana Cameron took care of all the food for the BBQ.

And finally, thanks to our sponsors: Kits Beach Beer donated prizes and and beer for this event, Oat of the Ordinary provided samples, and The Boardroom generously donated $1000 worth of gift cards for participants and volunteers. It has been a rough year for businesses, so please support these businesses who support us. Did you know that Kits Beach Beer was started by Sakinaw Lake’s Andrew Lavigne, and Oat of the Ordinary by Barry’s daughter, Chara Krangle. Oat of the Ordinary is kindly offering a 10% discount to SLSBC members by using the following code at checkout: Sakinawlake. And SLSBC members can also enjoy discounts on all purchases at The Boardroom.

And of course, there would be no tournament without the competitors. We had an amazing turnout this year! Here’s a list of the competitors and the tournament results:


Wow! Waterskiing is still going strong. We had a whopping 23 people come out to compete! Here’s how they did:

MEN Full Course. Here is a list of the men and the one boy (Jack Harris!) who took on the full course.

1Gord Cameron34
2Chris Mobius30
3Mark Aplas32
4Max Mobius32
5Mike Van Dyk28
6Garth Johnson28
7 Jack Harris24152

WOMEN Full Course: Queen of the lake!

1Tessa Campbell30

MEN 3/4 Course

1Josh Fowler28155
2Ted McGurk30153
3John Boyd30151
4Kevin Harris26156

WOMEN 3/4 Course

1Jenny Harris32156
2Niki Boyd28155
3Bev McGurk28151
3Petra Haas28151

BOYS 3/4 Course

1Jakob Helfer24152
2Cole Harris24151

GIRLS 3/4 Course

1Sutton Van Dyk34155
2Ruby Boyd30155
3Chanelle Mobius28154


1Oliver Mitchell201512
2Theodore Mitchell201511
3Kieran Boyd (Mini Course)24154 (balls)



1Bradley Bay


1Josh Fowler
2 Owen Mitchell
3Oliver Mitchell


1Petra Haas


This was a super popular and fun event and 23 of you participated!


1Max Malinousky
2 Jake Hassan
3Josh Fowler
4Julian Hassan
5Ryan Hassan
6Owen Mitchell


1Chanelle Mobius
2 Jesse Newell
3Sutton Van Dyk
4Carly McGurk


1Max Mobius
2 Nic Malinousky


1Chris Mobius
2 Pete Newell
3James Malinousky/Steve Vertes
4Mark Aplas


1Chloe Vertes and Mila Malinousky

Thanks to all of you who have supported SLSBC this year!

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Tournament Update!

I hope everyone is excited about Satruday’s tournament, now less than a week away! The weather forecast looks good, so fingers crossed that we will get a beautiful day. If it rains, we will postpone the tournament until Sunday, August 29th.

NEW BEGINNER CATEGORY: We are excited to introduce a true beginner category for new waterskiers! Instead of going around the balls in the course, beginners will have the option of being pulled alongside the course – either on one or two skis – and they will be judged based on their total number of wake crosses between the two green buoys.

If you are coming to compete in or watch the tournament, please remember to approach the dock slowly so as not to create any excess wake.

The tournament is a ton of fun and is truly meant for all levels to come out and participate. Remember, if you want to compete in any of the watersports, make sure you have purchased a full membership and have signed a waiver. Waivers can be filled in electronically or manually and emailed back to or brought to the tournament.

We will be starting at 7 am with waterskiing, followed by wakeboarding at around 9 am, followed by wake surfing at arounf 10 am. Times are approximate and will depend on how many people are intering each category. Refer back to last week’s post for details on how these categories work. The BBQ will begin at 1 pm. If you haven’t already, please remember to purchase a social membership if you plan on attending the BBQ or watching the tournament but not competing. There will be a ‘dock starter’ for each event who will instruct the competitors on when they will ski/wakeboard/surf and answer questions.

Looking forward to a great event this weekend!

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Tournament Q and A

May be an image of 6 people and people smiling
SLSBC 2018 Tournament

The tournament is just over a week away! I know that there are a lot of questions. There will be more details next week, but here’s some information on what you can expect:

When and Where is the tournament?

The tournament will be on Sat, Aug 28th at the waterski dock in Ruggles. The tournament starts at 7:00 am. The first event will be waterskiing, followed by wakeboarding, followed by surfing. After these events are completed, there will be a BBQ and awards ceremony on the waterski dock.

How can I participate?

To participate in the any of the water events, you must purchase a full family or full single membership to the club and sign the waiver. Waivers can be completed and emailed to or dropped off with any of the exec, or brought to the tournament. If you have purchased a membership, have completed a waiver, and want to participate in any of the water events, just show up at the waterski dock! Waterskiing starts at 7 am, wakeboarding starts at around 9 am, and surfing starts at around 10 am. Wakeboarding and surfing times are approximate and will be determined by how long the event before it takes. Show up for the time that fits the event you want to do. All ages and abilities are welcome!

If I’ve already purchased a social membership instead of a full membership, can I still compete?

Of course! We can help you with how to upgrade your membership. Send us an email at and we can walk you through it.

Can I participate in multiple events?

You sure can!

Can I come to the tournament if I am not competing?

Yes! The BBQ and awards ceremony are super fun and a great way to meet others on the lake. If you don’t want to participate in the water event but want to attend the BBQ and awards ceremony, purchase a social membership and show up at around 1 pm. You are also welcome to come out earlier and watch the competitors!

Do I have to pre-register if I am attending?

There is no need to pre-register. Just make sure you have purchased your membership and show up on the day of the tournament. We would like to try and get a sense of how many people are planning to attend, as the tournament is later than usual this year and it is has been a weird year and a half! If you think you want to attend, it would be helpful if you could send us an email to letting us know that you plan to be there and also in what capacity (e.g. which events if any you will be participating in and/or if you will be at the BBQ). But if you haven’t sent us an email and want to participate, please still come out on the tournament day.

Can I volunteer?

Yes please! We need a lot of volunteers to help out with this event! If you are interested, please send us an email at and let us know what times you are available on the tournament day, Also, if you have a boat that could be used for surfing or wakeboarding that you are willing to offer up for the tournament, please send us an email.

What about Covid-19?

We are aware that Covid-19 is still a concern. This is an outdoor event which makes it safer than an indoor event. Still, for the safety of our Sakinaw Lake community, we request that you do not attend the tournament if you are experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms, have been asked to quarantine, or have not been vaccinated. Children under 12 and others not eligible for vaccination are welcome as long as they are not experiencing symptoms or have been exposed to Covid-19 in the 14 days prior to the tournament.

Do I need to bring my own boat if I am competing?

The boats and ropes will be provided.

How are the events judged?

WATERSKI: Waterskiing is judged based on the number of balls you get around on the course – either the full or mini course – along with speed and rope length. If you make all six balls, you do the course again at a 2 mph faster speed until you hit a maximum speed. If you hit the maximum speed, the rope starts to shorten. You’re out after your second fall or if you don’t make all six balls, you’re out. You will tell the driver what speed you want to start at.

WAKEBOARDING AND SURFING: Wakeboarding and surfing are judged on style, execution, and intensity of ability and tricks. For wakeboarding, a pass is two lengths of the ski course (there and back) along the side of the course between the green buoys. For surfing, a pass is one length of the course. For both wakeboarding and surfing, you are allowed one pass and you are out after your second fall. Wakeboarders can request a double up.

What if it is raining?

If it is raining on tournament day, we will move the tournament to Sunday, August 29th.

This should be a great event and we hope that everyone is looking forward to it! If you have any questions please send us an email.

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Tournament News!

There’s going to be a REAL TOURNAMENT this summer! We have decided to hold the annual ski/wakeboard/surf tournament on Saturday, August 28th. We are so excited that we can hold this event this summer. More details will follow, but mark your calendars and start practicing!

Need help getting ready for the tournament? Tessa Campbell will be holding her second clinic of the summer on Aug 14/15. Tessa can take your skiing or wakeboarding to the next level and based on the feedback from the last clinic, is a fantastic instructor. Spaces are filling up. so don’t wait too long to sign up. Anyone wanting to participate in the clinics or the tournament must sign up for a full membership.

We need volunteers to make the tournament happen. We are looking for drivers and boats to do dock starting and pick up of competitors from courses. If you are available and interested, send an email to Thanks!


Your SLSBC Executive Team

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Tournament Photos and Thank You

Hi everyone,

The SLSBC 2018 Competition photos are now posted here on Facebook! A huge thanks to Garth Johnson for taking all these great pictures and documenting a super day. We are in the process of getting clothing and merchandise and will let you know as soon as it is available. Stay tuned!

Thank you to everyone that helped out our executive this summer, whether it was driving boats, cooking food, judging, hosting, etc. We couldn’t have done it without you!

And we would like to thank all of the sponsors for this years tournament. The Blackfish Pub, The Boardroom, Coast Paragliding, Columbia Fuels Sechelt, The Earthfair Bookstore, Gibsons Building Supplies, Lululemon, Madeira Marina, Madeira Park IGA, Marina Pharmacy, Molson Coors, Oak Tree Market, Petro Can in Garden Bay, The Sunshine Coast School District, Swish Ladieswear, Trail Bay Source for Sports, and Zocalo Fashions all supported our tournament this year. Click Here to visit our sponsors websites.

And a very special thanks to the Zimmerman, Cameron, Burlin, Grimm, and Muench families who contributed some fantastic prizes of their own this year.

Thanks again!


Your SLSBC Executive Team

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Annual Tournament Saturday August 18th

Hi everyone,

We are excited to remind you that this Saturday, August 18th, is our annual Sakinaw Lake Ski & Board Club tournament!

We welcome participants of all ages, regardless of abilities, including those who have never skied the course! Come out and have some fun and laughs. First time in a ski competition? Don’t worry, we have categories for both adults and kids who have never made it through the course!

If you prefer being in a boat, rather than behind one, come cheer on the “excellent display of water skiing talent cruising the lake” – Sunshine Coast Tourism.

7AM Waterskiing
10AM Wakeboarding
11AM Wakesurfing

All events first come first served.

Join us on the dock at 1:30PM after the competitions for hot dogs and hamburgers, with some sensational awards at 2PM from Lulu Lemon, The Boardroom, The Blackfish, Columbia Fuels, Petro-Can, Swish, Zokolo, Madeira Pharmacy, IGA Madeira Park, GBS, and more!

If we end up behind schedule (not unheard of!) we’ll send out updates throughout the day.

Also we have some great draw prices, including paragliding off Mt. Hallowell (tandem with instructor), Cocktail Cruises with lake celebrities, and Fishing Adventures! All club members and competitors eligible for the draws.

The forecast looks great, but in the event of rain, we will postpone the tournament until Sunday August 19th.

We are still looking for pickup boats for Wakeboarding. If you’re available, let us know.

Hope to see everyone there,


Your SLSBC Executive Team

As a reminder, only full club members can participate in the tournament. Renewal is quick and easy, Click Here to renew your membership if you haven’t already.

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