Tournament Update!

I hope everyone is excited about Satruday’s tournament, now less than a week away! The weather forecast looks good, so fingers crossed that we will get a beautiful day. If it rains, we will postpone the tournament until Sunday, August 29th.

NEW BEGINNER CATEGORY: We are excited to introduce a true beginner category for new waterskiers! Instead of going around the balls in the course, beginners will have the option of being pulled alongside the course – either on one or two skis – and they will be judged based on their total number of wake crosses between the two green buoys.

If you are coming to compete in or watch the tournament, please remember to approach the dock slowly so as not to create any excess wake.

The tournament is a ton of fun and is truly meant for all levels to come out and participate. Remember, if you want to compete in any of the watersports, make sure you have purchased a full membership and have signed a waiver. Waivers can be filled in electronically or manually and emailed back to or brought to the tournament.

We will be starting at 7 am with waterskiing, followed by wakeboarding at around 9 am, followed by wake surfing at arounf 10 am. Times are approximate and will depend on how many people are intering each category. Refer back to last week’s post for details on how these categories work. The BBQ will begin at 1 pm. If you haven’t already, please remember to purchase a social membership if you plan on attending the BBQ or watching the tournament but not competing. There will be a ‘dock starter’ for each event who will instruct the competitors on when they will ski/wakeboard/surf and answer questions.

Looking forward to a great event this weekend!