Sakinaw Lake Concert This Weekend! And Next Weekend Too!

It’s the event that everyone has been waiting for – Sakinaw Lake Summer Concert. This Saturday, July 29th, The Marwills will be playing on the SLSBC ski dock starting at 6:30 pm. This is a great band, originally from the Sunshine Coast, now based in Toronto, and brought to us at Sakinaw Lake by Barry Krangle. This will be the third annual concert on the lake and with a new band, it’s sure to be a fantastic time. You can enjoy the concert from your boat – make sure to come in close to the ski dock so you can really feel the music!

To make the concert experience even better, you can order Kits Beach Beer right to the lake! Kits Beach Beer is having beer presales for this weekend’s concert. Beer can be purchased online at before July 27th. At checkout enter KITSDELIVERY when prompted to enter a promo code.  Disregard the minimum beer order. Order full cases and share with your buds to get 10% discount on your beer. Beer will be delivered to the lake on July 28 & 29th. and Kits Beach Beer will donate $2 from every sale to the cost of hosting the concert. To pick up your beer, come by Andrew Lavigne’s dock dock anytime on the 28th before the concert. His cabin is past the power lines and Bear Bay on the road access side of the lake. You can text Andrew to arrange pickup at 604 202 2407.

This summer, we are having a second concert as well – next Saturday, Aug 5th. Mark Aplas us bringing us Norwegian Blues and they will be at the ski dock starting at 6:30 on Aug 5th.

As always, these concerts are supported through donations – if you haven’t already donated, please consider doing so here. You don’t have to have an SLSBC membership to enjoy the concert or to donate! Thanks to all of you who have already donated to the concert.