SLSBC Annual Ski/Board/Surf Competition

The annual competition and barbeque turned out to be a great day!  The colour this year was Orange, I continue to see the orange around the lake and our community.  Great colour choice Trina!  Don’t forget to check out the lake gear, the new stuff with the logo looks amazing.


A great big THANK YOU to the SLSBC executive for arranging the day and to all the volunteers who helped run this event!  The amount of support we had was fantastic, thank you!

We also want to acknowledge the fantastic sponsors that made this event a huge success!  We have updated the “Friends of SLSBC” tab on the web site to show all our great sponsors.  Please visit their establishments and let them know how much we appreciate their generosity!

The results from the tournament are as follows:


Boys Open                 1st place          Callum Dye

Girls Open                  1st place          Ashley Johnston

2nd place        Stephanie Johnson

3rd place         Tessa Johnston

Women’s Open         1st place          Tracy Michael

2nd place        Tessa Campbell

Men’s Open               1st place          Dan Russell

2nd place        Andrew Ames

3rd place        Ken Johnston


Girls Junior                 1st place          Tessa Johnston

2nd place        Jesse Newell

Girls Senior                1st place          Ali Bell

2nd place        TessaCampbell

3rd place         Coral Newell

Men’s Intermediate   1st place          Ryan Foxall

2nd place        Pat Bell

Men’s Advanced       1st place          Kevin Keresztes

2nd place        Mark Keresztes

Wake Surf

Girls Open                  1st place          Tessa Campbell

2nd place        Ali Bell/Ashley Johnston

3rd place         Nicole Dye

Open Advanced        1st place          Mitch Newell

2nd place        Coral Newell

3rd place         Kevin Keresztes

Men’s Old                   1st place          Pete Newell

2nd place        Mark Aplas

3rd place        Ken Johnston

The winner of the draw prize for the Rockstar fridge was Jane Keresztes!

The winner of the grand prize for the go Pro camera was the Ames Family!

Congratulations to everyone who participated!