Horwood Clinic – Don’t Miss Out!

Do not miss out on the chance to participate in the Horwood clinic, taught by Dick and Tina Horwood, this weekend – Aug 6th and 7th. This duo is part of a waterski dynasty, and have years and years of high level coaching experience. We are very lucky to have them at Sakinaw and it is a n opportunity not to be missed!

If you are thinking about participating in the tournament on August 20th, this is your chance to take your skiing up a notch and get you on the podium!

The cost is $100 for two 20 minute ski sessions. Ski sessions will run both Sat and Sun morning between 6:00 am -10:40 am and Sat afternoon 4:40 pm – 9:20 pm. Boats and drivers will be provided for waterski sessions. Register for waterski clinics here.

If you are looking to improve your wakeboarding or surfing, sign up in groups of 2 or more. Sessions will be $45 per person per 20 minute sessions and will run 1:30 pm -3:30 pm Sat and Sun. For wakeboarding and wakesurfing, you will need to provide your own boat and driver. Register for wakeboard or surf clinics here.

You must have a full membership to the SLSBC to participate in clinics. Clinics will require a minimum number of registrations to run.